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Top 10 Hottest DC Villains

harley quinn poison ivy hot

There are many attractive and powerful women in the comic book fandom. Some of them good, others bad, but all of them are interesting in their own way and widely-admired by comic book fans. Today we’ll focus purely on the hottest DC villains.

We’re not taking under consideration the anti-hero characters, such as Catwoman or enemy turned ally Star Sapphire, we’re going for the sexiest evil gals only.

Without further ado, let’s start our list.

10. Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva in Batman Hush

Lady Shiva is one of the most skilled martial artists and deadliest assassins in the DC Universe. She’s also the mother of Cassandra Cain, the character who’s going to appear in the Birds of Prey movie. She’s at her sexiest in the Batman: Hush story arc, with alterations made to her original costume.

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9. Superwoman

hottest villain superwoman crime syndicate

Superwoman is a member of the Crime Syndicate of America from a parallel Earth. Diana was born an Amazon and took the alias of Lois Lane as an alter ego to blend in, in what she called “Patriarch’s World”. Superwoman’s role in the evil counterpart of Justice League resembles that of Wonder Woman’s in the regular one. The most striking resemblance is the golden barbed wire and the fact that she’s romantically involved with Ultraman, much like Wonder Woman is with Superman at times. That doesn’t stop her from keeping an open sexual relationship with Owlman on a side, though.

8. Killer Frost

Killer Frost hottest dc villains

Louise Lincoln, a.k.a. Killer Frost, unlike Caitlin Snow who goes by the same name, is a supervillain. Crystal Frost, who had also rocked the Killer Frost alias, served as a mentor to Louise. After Crystal’s death, Louise swore to have her revenge against Firestorm, who she blamed for her friend’s passing. She recreated the accident that gave Crystal Frost her powers and became the new Killer Frost, with the skimpiest costume of the three.

7. Silver Swan

Hottest DC Villains Silver Swan

Helen Alexandros was an ugly duckling, who was turned into a beautiful swan. Her lifelong dream was to become a ballerina, but her terrible skin and plain looks prevented it from happening. She called out desperately to the heavens for vengeance on men and her prayers were answered by non-other than Ares. He turned Helen into the beautiful Silver Swan, in return asking her to kill Wonder Woman with her newly acquired super powers.

6. Circe

Circe Wonder Woman hottest dc villains

Circe is an evil sorceress who’s one of the most popular enemies of Wonder Woman. She’s known for changing humans into animals, much like her mythological antecedent, and one of her many signatures is her stunning physical beauty.

5. Talia al Ghul

Batman's former lover DC villain Talia al Ghul

She’s a daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and an heir to the League of Assassins. She’s often portrayed as Batman’s lover, but because of the love she has for her father, she at times appears in his rogues gallery. Talia’s beauty and art of seduction are enough to earn her the 6th spot on our list.

4. Giganta

Giganta on hot beach in bikini Wonder Woman villain

Giganta possesses probably the most imagination-provoking power on this list – she can grow in size. She’s an incredibly strong character, who often goes toe to toe with Wonder Woman. Giganta mostly appears in skimpy outfits and because of her size, she has the biggest lung capacity in the world. Oh, and by the way, this is one of the things not many people know about her – she was originally an ape, who was turned human.

3. Knockout

DC Supervillain KnockoutHer name says it all – she’s a Knockout. A lover of Scandal Savage and former member of Female Furies, Knockout has many powers and abilities that make her a dangerous character, one of which is the art of seduction. She has appeared in many rather racy panels and has a playful personality, i.e. when flirting with Superboy while she was fighting him, just for the fun of it.

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2. Harley Quinn

Hot moments of villain Harley Quinn

A former psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, who fell in love with the Joker and became his trusty sidekick. Harley used to wear a full-body jester outfit, but with her popularity growing, pieces of clothing were fading away. She has been portrayed in multiple racy outfits and her sex appeal became one of her signatures. Harley was showcased in a bikini in multiple comic stories, among others in the Harley Quinn: Road Trip Special. In this particular one-shot, she even played an adult version of truth or dare with Catwoman and Poison Ivy, which brings us to the number one spot on our list.

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1. Poison Ivy

Hottest DC Super Villain Poison Ivy moments

Pamela Isley belongs to one of the most famous Batman rogues. She’s a die-hard eco-terrorist, doing everything she can to protect The Green, even if it means ridding the world of human beings. Ivy’s known for her art of seduction and her signature deadly kiss. And for those playing hard to get, she’s got a set of formulas that even Superman can’t resist. Her outfit is sometimes a fully body costume, but most of the time it’s a skimpy swimsuit-like outfit made out of plants. Out of all the hottest DC villains, Poison Ivy takes the cake.

◊ ◊ ◊

This wraps up the Top 10 Hottest DC Villains list. If we didn’t mention your favourite character, don’t feel bad. There are many attractive and interesting evil DC ladies out there and they all deserve the attention, but we only have ten spots here. That raises the opportunity to make the list bigger in the future, so stay tuned for more content!

What do you guys think? Do you disagree with some of our choices? Let us know in the comments who would be in your Top 10! As always, don’t forget to leave your suggestions for the Top 10s you would like to see next. What other stories would you like to see us cover? Feel free to mention this in the comments, as well. If we pick your idea, we’ll give you a shout out at the top of that very article, so don’t miss out!


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