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20 Characters DC and Marvel Created Together | Amalgam

20 characters dc and marvel created together

Some of us love the characters in DC Comics, others love the Marvel ones. There are some, however, who love both companies equally and this article is best fitted for the third group.

Something that rarely happens, occurred back in 1996 – Marvel and DC united to treat their fans to a mutual project. Those of you, who never heard about it, are in for a real treat. The Amalgam Universe takes the heroes and villains from both companies and makes hybrids of these characters, so you can enjoy both universes at the same time. So without any further ado, let’s start the list.

20. Lobo the Duck

lobo the duck amalgam

For those of you, who couldn’t name the characters this silly goose is based on: it’s Lobo and Howard the Duck.

Lobo the Duck is one of the best bounty hunters out there, but that’s not his only skill – he’s also very good with the ladies. His girlfriend Bevarlene goes bonkers every time the Main Duck tries to get lucky.

19. Catsai (Elektra Kyle)

catwoman elektra catsai

Elektra Kyle is a daughter of an American ambassador who was killed later on in the story. Because of that incident, Elektra started studying martial arts and became an assassin, going by the name of Catsai. She combines Marvel’s Elektra with DC’s Catwoman.

She works with her female companion, Dare, who we will focus on next.

18. Dare the Terminator (Slade Murdock)

daredevil deathstroke terminator

Slade Murdock, a.k.a. Dare the Terminator, is an amalgam of Deathstroke, his daughter Rose and Daredevil.

She’s a blind mercenary, who earned the nickname “Dare” because of the number of dares she took, and because of the fact that no one dared to take a poke at her.

17. Doctor Strangefate (Charles Xavier)

doctor strangefate

Doctor Strangefate is the most powerful being of the Amalgam universe, and he’s also its creator. Being the combination of Professor X, Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate, he’s a true force to be reckoned with.

16. Skulk (Bruce Banner)

solomon grundy hulk skulk

When testing a gamma ray bomb in the desert, Bruce Banner noticed a man walking into the blast zone. Little did he know that it was Solomon Grundy. When Bruce was trying to get him off the premises, the bomb went off and fused the two together. This character works pretty much like the Hulk, but instead of transforming into the green giant, Bruce turns into Solomon Grundy.

15. Galactiac

galactus brainiac galactiac

Galactiac is a cross between Galactus and Brainiac. His hunger requires him to roam the universe in order to find planets he can devour. He always takes a piece of them with him for further studies. Galactiac is nearly omnipotent, which makes him one of the biggest threats in the universe.

14. Speed Demon (Blaze Allen)

speed demon flash ghost rider

Blaze Allen (combination of Barry Allen and Johnny Blaze) was a stunt rider working in a carnival. At one point Etrigan merged with Blaze and they became the Speed Demon, fastest demon alive!

It’s also worth to mention that Jay Garrick and Wally West were Speed Demons, too.

13. Mister X (J’onn J’onzz)

martian manhunter xavier

If you took one of the best telepaths from Marvel and one from DC Comics, and merged them into one character, you’d get Mister X. He’s the creator of JLX, just like Professor X is the founder of X-Men. Mr X is secretly the Skrullian Manhunter, and just like Martian Manhunter, he’s also the last survivor of the Martian race.

12. Black Bat (Barbara Hardy)

black bat

Have you ever wondered what Black Cat would look like if she was merged with Batgirl? Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore.

Barbara Hardy was taken under the wing of Bruce Wayne, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and she became one of the finest agents of the organization. Shortly after, she took on the mantle of the Black Bat.

11. Mariner (Arthur McKenzie)

aquaman sub mariner amalgam

Both DC Comics and Marvel have their kings of Atlantis, so it was only a matter of time before the Amalgam Universe got their own one as well. Combining Aquaman with Namor, the Mariner rules over the Atlantis granted with the same abilities as his counterparts.

10. Huntress (Carol Danvers)


If you enjoy reading comic books with Marvel Comics’ Captain Marvel or DC Comics’ Huntress, then this character is definitely up your alley. Carol Danvers, who’s also known as the Huntress, is an ex-government agent. Her unique intellect, detective skills and fighting experience make her one of the toughest cookies in the New Gotham City.

9. Thorion the Hunter

thor orion amalgam

Thorion’s origin story is a mixture of two characters, Orion and Thor. It’s pretty much Orion’s Darkseid/Highfather storyline with characters from Thor’s comic books.

Thorion’s appearance and his special abilities are awfully similar to those of the original God of Thunder’s.

8. White Witch (Wanda Zatara)

white witch scarlet witch zatanna

White Witch’s powers are the sum total of Zatanna’s and Scarlet Witch’s abilities. Many have fallen victim to her seductive charms and magical spells.

Wanda Zatara is Dr. Strangefate’s most trusty sidekick that helped him with his enemies, who tried to put a stop to his reign.

7. Dark Claw (Logan Wayne)

dark claw wolverine batman

People often wonder who would win in a fight between Batman and Wolverine, while the creators of the Amalgam Universe did the opposite and united both of their strengths into one character.

Logan Wayne witnessed his parents getting murdered when he was only a child. Later on, when he became a young adult, he got mixed into the Weapon X project. After these events, Logan Wayne became Dark Claw, New Gotham City’s protector. He served justice in a cold, ruthless way and put fear into the hearts of even his greatest enemies.

6. Hyena (Creed Quinn)

hyena joker sabretooth

After the writers created Dark Claw, they had to come up with a character who would serve the role of the arch nemesis. Who better to fill in those shoes than Joker and Sabretooth?

Hyena, with Sabertooth’s body and Joker’s bleached face, spreads terror in the New Gotham City and fights with the Dark Claw on a regular basis. His last name, Quinn, references Joker’s sidekick – Harley Quinn.

5. Amazon (Ororo of Themyscira)

ororo amazon storm wonder woman

Amazon is an amalgam of DC’s Wonder Woman and Marvel’s Storm. She lived in Themyscira and was raised by her mother named Hippolyta.

In her teenage years, Ororo learnt that she had the ability to control weather. Her sisters forged her a lasso out of lighting that forced truth out of anyone who came into contact with it. Soon after that, Ororo took the mantle of Wonder Woman and went looking for adventures in the Man’s World.

4. Super-Soldier (Clark Kent)

captain america superman

Since the writers reinvented two characters of the DC Trinity, you’re probably not surprised that Superman became reimagined, as well. And who better to combine Superman with than the All-American Captain America?

Just like in Superman’s origin story, Clark Kent also came to Earth in a space ship, but instead of being found by the Kents, he was found by the U.S. Army. Soon after, Clark Kent was injected with the Super-Soldier formula, which granted him with extraordinary powers.

3. Thanoseid

thanoseid darkseid thanos

Both Thanos and Darkseid are scary enough on their own, but a cross between the two is the stuff superheroes’ nightmares are made of.

Thanoseid, the ruler of Apokalips, seeks to impress Lady Death by destroying the entire universe, with the exception of his own planet. He hopes to accomplish his goal by finding the Ultimate Anti-life Nullifier.

2. Iron Lantern (Harold Stark)

iron man green lantern hal stark

His real name is Hal Stark, and to any comic book fan it’s clear he’s a mixture of Hal Jordan and Tony Stark. Similar to Marvel’s Iron Man, Hal is also a billionaire, but he made his fortune from manufacturing aircrafts, not weapons.

Once, while he was in a flight simulator, the device suddenly took off and carried him to a distant planet, where he crash landed. There, he found a space ship with a dying alien. Using his engineering genius, he created a suit out of the alien’s ship and powered it with a lantern-shaped battery. The suit kept him alive and gave him a range of superpowers.

1. Doctor Doomsday (Victor von Doom)

dr doom doomsday

It seems as if someone in the writer’s room made a pun about Dr. Doom and Doomsday sounding alike and the character actually made its way onto the comic book pages.

Victor von Doom was a scientist, who at some point became an indestructible monster. With Victor’s genius mind and Doomsday’s extraordinary abilities, Dr. Doomsday remains as one of the most dangerous Amalgam villains.

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