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15 Weirdest Marvel Characters You Won’t Believe Exist

slapstick doop weird marvel

Surely, any Marvel fan has a wide range of their favorite characters. There are many popular superheroes and villains that originated in Marvel Comics, but what about the not-so-popular ones? When reading comic books, I bet everyone came across a character that stood out, and not in a good way. We’ve searched the deepest bowels of the Marvel Universe and found 15 of the strangest, silliest and weirdest Marvel characters to ever grace their pages. So let’s start off the list.

15. Doorman

mr fantastic goes through doorman
…loves Knock-Knock jokes.

Little is known about his backstory. We do know, however, that Doorman’s real name is DeMarr Davis and he is an African-American mutant. His superpower is rather limited and rarely useful. If you have a wall around, a locked door or any other surface you need to go through, Doorman’s your guy! All he needs to do is press his body against the surface and you can pass right through him.

Later on, he was chosen as the herald of Oblivion, becoming more powerful, but that was left mostly unexplored.

14. Maggott

maggot holding eany and meany
Eany, Meany, miny, moe…

Maggott is a South African mutant, who is without a doubt one of the strangest X-Men out there. Instead of a regular digestive system, Maggott has two slug-like creatures (Eany and Meany). When those two leeches are outside his body, they can devour practically any substance. When they re-enter Maggott and deliver the nourishment, they give him superhuman strength and stamina.

Even though Maggott can’t control Eany and Meany, he has a low-level telepathic connection that allows him to communicate with them.

13. Ruby Thursday

Ruby Thursday using her red sphere head weirdest marvel characters
Goodbye Ruby Thursday. Who could hang a name on you?

Thursday Rubinstein was a scientist who valued simplicity over physical appearance. That was the main driving force behind her invention that could replace a human head. The invention was rather weird, as it was a sphere-shaped computer made of malleable plastic. Not surprisingly, there were no volunteers to undergo the procedure, so she replaced her own head with the red spherical mass. It could shape-shift into tentacles and fire energy blasts. Oh, and if someone happened to decapitate her, her body could still walk around freely.

Fun fact: Her name is inspired by the one in the Rolling Stones song ‘Ruby Tuesday’.

12. Throg

throg the frog of thunder holding thor's hammer mjolnir
The Frog of Thunder! 
Simon Walterson was a retired football player who was unlucky enough to anger a fortune teller, who in return turned him into a frog. Once in the frog form, Simon hopped over to a local park and found himself in the middle of a war between frogs and rats. Even though things were getting worse for him by the minute, he wasn’t expecting a sudden turn of events that was just about to happen.
Out of nowhere, another frog came to join the fight and resolve their rat problem. This brave frog was in fact Thor, the God of Thunder. Conveniently enough, he happened to be a frog at that time, as well. When his goats came to take him back to Asgard, one of them accidently chipped off a tiny piece of Mjolnir. Once Thor was gone, the leftover rats gathered enough nerve to attack Simon again. Simon picked up the tiny piece of Mjolnir to defend himself and decided not to go down without a fight. When he slammed it against the ground he was transformed into Throg – The Frog of Thunder! He’s been rocking a piece of Thor’s powers ever since, eventually becoming a member of the Pet Avengers.

11. Squirrel Girl

squirrel girl defeats thanos
You wanna get nuts? Come on, let’s get nuts!

Have you ever wondered who in the Avengers roster could defeat villains like Doctor Doom and Thanos singlehandedly?

The answer is a woman who can communicate with squirrels. Dressed in a squirrel outfit, accompanied by hundreds of her rodent friends, she is the most formidable member of the Great Lakes Avengers team. Many of the major characters tasted her wrath, and even though they could take a lot, they seemed to be easily defeated by a group of squirrels. Those incidents include beating Wolverine in a sparring session, Doctor Doom in the first issue she appeared in, or destroying Deadpool in his own series. She even managed to defeat Thanos, but that happened off-panel and still remains mystery to everyone but The Watcher, who witnessed the whole thing. That’s why Squirrel Girl is one of the strangest (and maybe the strongest?) characters of the Marvel Universe.

10. Swarm

swarm covered in bees
Could he BEE any weirder?

The character earned his name by being composed of hundreds of thousands of bees, which he controls with his mind. Thanks to them, he can transform into virtually any shape he wants to. However, the bees that serve as his body are not the only ones that Swarm can control. If there are any more of them in hundreds of yards radius, Swarm can easily control or communicate with those insects.

Fun fact: He once tried, with a help of scientists, to extend his power to control any living bee in the world. That didn’t work out, though, since Spider-Man stopped him.

9. Armless Tiger Man

marvel weird armless tiger man you won't believe exist
Could you give him a hand?

His real name is Gustav Hertz. At an early age he had an accident in a factory when his arms got caught in a machine. This incident left him with strong hatred towards machines. Gustav’s sharp teeth allow him to grab on to chains, injure people and so on. He uses his legs as if they were his arms, hurling knives at his enemies or carrying weights with his feet.

To this day Armless Tiger Man helms the title of the most dangerous Marvel villain… said no one ever.

8. Slapstick

slapstick cartoon weirdest marvel characters
What’s up, doc?

Steven Harmon, while disguised as a clown, got dragged into another dimension, called Dimension Ecch. It’s pretty much a reality inhabited by cartoon characters. His body couldn’t take the trip very well and was reduced to a rubbery, indestructible, blob-like mass. The residents were nice enough to take him in and give him special gloves (like the ones in the Looney Tunes or Disney cartoons), that allow Steven to control his body and maintain a human-like shape. Thanks to them, he can also pull out weapons out of thin air. That’s how he became Slapstick.

What’s really odd is that Slapstick is one of the few cartoon-based characters in the superhero universe.

7. Mandrill

mandrill ape enslaving women
This is not a drill, man!

The Mandrill is a mutant who was abandoned by his father at the age of ten, due to his freakish appearance. His physical skills are comparable to those of a great ape. That’s not, however, what makes him special and what earned him a spot on the list. Mandrill has a unique ability of enslaving and controlling women (not men, though) with his pheromones. Some, lucky enough to have heightened willpower, can resist his sexist intentions.

He once tried to alter and strengthen his powers, but all he was able to do was make The Thing weak in the knees at the sight of him.

6. Leap-Frog

one of the weirdest marvel characters leap frog
Able to leap 100 ft in a single bound!

A former toy inventor, Vincent Patilio, decided he was going to try his luck with a criminal career. To do so, he crafted a pair of electrically-powered jumping coils. They allowed him to leap great (relatively speaking) distances. If he put some effort to it, he could leap up to 60 ft high, 100 ft long. Later on he upgraded his suit with exoskeleton to boost his strength and a computer system for better accuracy.

One man in a frog outfit wasn’t enough, though. His son, who called himself Frog Man, decided to step into his father’s flippers and become a superhero, righting his father’s wrongs.

5. Hellcow

Dracula Hellcow in vampire outfit
Holy unholy cow!…

Bessie, better known as Hellcow, was once just a regular cow that lived in Switzerland over 300 years

ago. Even back then she was one of a kind – she could produce more milk than an average cow. One night, desperate Dracula came thirstier than ever. Unfortunately for him, all the villagers were smart enough to remember about locking their doors and windows. Poor Dracula, left without a choice, had to sink his teeth into Bessie. For that, she swore to seek revenge against Dracula and his kind.

Hellcow inherited similar powers to those of Dracula’s, like immortality, flight, sucking blood or disappearing by taking up the form of gas. On her reign of terror, she encountered characters like Howard the Duck, Man-Thing and Deadpool.

4. Gamecock

gamecock one of the weirdest marvel characters
Nobody dared to call him chicken!

This character was a minor villain, who went head to head with Captain America on few occasions. He doesn’t have any powers. Gamecock’s just a skilled fighter armed with claws. Two of his not-so-many amazing accomplishments were arguing with his ex and almost getting killed by Puma.

Gamecock became a member of Alex Wilder’s New Pride. It was soon revealed he only did it to infiltrate the team, since Gamecock was clucking to the feds.

3. The Orb

the orb with eye for a head shooting blaster gun
Eye don’t believe it! Keep an eye on him!

Unlike the original Orb, Drake Shannon, who wore an eyeball-shaped helmet, this one was born with a giant eye for a head. His real name was never revealed, making this silly goose more mysterious. His parents couldn’t stand the SIGHT of him and abandoned The Orb at an early age. Later on, he became a mercenary, using his superpowered eye for discerning hidden meanings and secrets from people.

2. Doop

doop sitting on a motorcycle
Scooby-Dooby… Doop.

What is Doop? Who knows?

Doop was said to be the product of a Cold War era U.S. military experiment, but his true origin still remains a mystery. What we do know is that he’s a green, floating creature, who speaks in his own language called Doopspeak. Fun fact: Wolverine could understand the language.

He first appeared as a member of the X-Force, and served as a cameraman for the group. While they fought battles, Doop would record everything for TV, so the people could see mutants as heroes.

Doop has many unique abilities, one of them being able to store his camera equipment, as well as other items, in his mouth.

1. The Phone Ranger

the phone ranger weirdest marvel characters
Hold the Phone… Ranger!

This character’s real name is A. G. Bell and his life mission is to protect… telephones. To fulfill his CALLING, The Phone Ranger uses nothing more than his phone repairing skills and technology that allows him to tap into all telecommunication devices.

This character is without a doubt the weirdest and goofiest one Marvel introduced us to. There aren’t many accomplishments the Phone Ranger could brag about, except for, of course, the fact that he managed to dial the number one on our list.

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Which one of the weirdest Marvel characters seems the most ridiculous to you? Maybe you’ve seen one while reading a comic book, but it isn’t mentioned in the list? Let us know the answers to those questions in the comments. And as always, don’t forget to leave a suggestion for the future articles. If we pick your idea, we’ll give you a shout out at the top of that very article, so don’t miss out!


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