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10 Weirdest Spider-Man Variants

weirdest spider-man variants comic book joint

When Steve Ditko and Stan Lee created Spider-Man, they never would have thought that their character would evolve into one of the most popular superheroes in history. As the time passed, the writers began running out of the ideas for Spider-Man stories. That is when they started coming up with a bunch of alternative versions of the characters. We’ll focus solely on the weirdest Spider-Man variants comic book writers have cooked up over the years. Let’s start off with number ten.


10. Spider-Boy

spider-boy dc marvel

This one is quite interesting. Back in 1996 DC teamed up with Marvel to create a mutual imprint, where the two rival companies would merge their characters, teams and universes. In the result we got many fun takes on their most popular characters, one of them being a combination of Superboy and Ben Reilly – Spider-Boy.

Project Cadmus used blood of one their researchers, Peter Parker, to create Super-Soldier clone. The experiment was sabotaged, Peter Parker killed, but the clone survived and acquired gravity-controlling powers. Using this unique talent he was able to crawl on walls. After General Ross, his foster father, was killed in a mugging, Peter Ross decided to take on the mantle of Spider-Boy, a photographer by day and a crime-fighter by night.

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9. Web Man

webs man weirdest spider man variants

Comic book villains have a long history of creating evil mirror images of their respective superheroes. Doctor Doom is no exception to this rule.

Victor created an evil counterpart of Spider-Man with powers similar to the original webslinger. His costume was also pretty much the same, with the exceptions of the colors being reversed.

Even though Web Man was received very well by the fans, he had no appearances outside of Spidey Super Stories #25.


8. Peni Parker and SP//dr

peni parker and mech suit

Peni Parker’s father was the original pilot of the SP//dr mech suit, she would later on use to fight crime. Uncle Ben and Aunt May took Peni in, after her father died when she was nine. Merely three years later, Peni Parker officially became a superhero. Using her SP//dr suit, with a radioactive spider in its head, she began her quest of cleaning up the streets of Earth-14512’s New York City.

Very recently Peni and her SP//dr suit made their on-screen debut in the “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” movie, where she was voiced by Kimiko Glenn.

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7. Spiders-Man

spiders man weirdest spider man variants

This character is yet another example of how a small change of events could alter the superhero we all know and love.

A story that’s set in the Earth-11580 shows what would’ve happened if Peter Parker fell into a colony of radioactive spiders, instead of getting bit by just one. They seemed to devour poor Peter, but weirdly enough, his consciousness survived. It was consumed by the radioactive spiders and they became a singular hive-mind construct. After that event, they threw on the red and blue costume to fight crime and called themselves “Spiders-Man”.


6. Man-Spider

man spider weirdest spider man variants

Doctor Connors discovered that Peter’s mutation was not complete and he would eventually undergo another transformation. In a desperate attempt to prevent it from happening, Peter decided to take an untested cure. The antidote had a reverse effect and turned him into a human-sized spider with six arms.

In this form, Peter is more an animal than a man. Man-Spider couldn’t speak or think rationally, and while he does possess some of his memories, they are mostly relegated to his feelings.


5. Spider-Ham

spider ham spider man into the spiderverse

Spider-Ham’s most known for his appearance in “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse”, but his first appearance in the comic book world reaches all the way to the 80s.

Peter Porker was just a regular spider, who lived in the basement of a pig called May Porker. One day, May invented an atomic hairdryer and after using it, she went crazy and bit the poor spider. This bite transformed Peter Porker into a pig, but he didn’t lose his spider abilities. Shortly after, he put on the red and blue costume and decided to fight crime as the spectacular Spider-Ham!

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4. Spider-Cat

spider cat swinging

Once, he was a regular cat owned by a group of game lovers. One day, however, his carefree mouse chasing days would come to an end.

Along with his human roommates, this white American Shorthair, was bitten by a radioactive bed bug, giving him the powers of Spider-Man. He dreamt of an epic battle against a pigeon named Venom, who cost him a few of his nine lives. Upon waking up from this nightmare, Spider-Cat put on a costume and slinged out of the window in search of some crimes to stop.


3. Webslinger


The Webslinger variant definitely deserves to be in the third place of the weirdest Spider-Man variants. Not only is his appearance as weird as it gets, but also his origin story is quite unique, almost as if it came from a fairy-tale.

Webslinger was just a regular boy, whose name hasn’t been mentioned by Marvel Comics. He was obsessed with spiders and wanted to know all about them. Luckily enough, he knew of a place that was filled with mysterious creatures, called Webwood. A being called Widow of the Web promised to expand his knowledge of spiders and even gifted him with powers of one. All she asked in return was that he wouldn’t use them in his own interest.

As in most Spider-Man stories, there is an Uncle Ben and some sort of a mugger. However, this time the boy saved his uncle, in the process breaking the promise given to the sorceress. Angry Widow of the Web cursed the boy and turned him into a horrendous mixture of a spider and a man. Even though he looked evil, his heart had good intentions. To this day, the Webslinger lurks around Webwood, protecting it from evil.


2. Spider-Monkey

spider monkey planet of the apes

The name may not sound like it, but Spider-Monkey lives in a much darker world than regular Peter Parker does. It’s pretty much a Marvel Earth-616 universe mixed with the Planet of the Apes, but with a much harsher justice system. The criminals of said universe are put on trial and asked to reform, if they refuse, they are later on beaten to death by Ape-Vengers. Something like that happened to Doctor Ooktavius. After being captured and refusing to reform, it was Spider-Monkey who killed him with his bare paws.

This version’s powers and origin are pretty much the same as the original Spider-Man’s, but his approach differs slightly in being more naive and egotistical.


1. Supaidāman

supaidaman and leopardon

What makes our number one spot among the weirdest Spider-Man variants is the fact that it’s live-action. You can usually find plenty of strange stuff in the comic books, but in the movies or TV shows, the creators try to write the characters in a smart and intelligent way. This didn’t happen in the case of Supaidāman.

In this 1978 movie and TV series, an emissary from hell, Supaidāman, fights evil with the help of the Power Rangers-like giant robot called the Leopardon.

If you don’t think he’s the number one among the weirdest Spider-Man variants ever, check it out for yourself. You gotta see it to believe it.


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